Islam Memish warns by saying “stay away”

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The record exchange rate of the dollar on December 20 again exceeded 18 Turkish liras, despite the KKM. They began to wonder in what direction the dollar exchange rate would move, which had been in a narrow corridor of 18.50-18.70 for weeks. A well-known financial analyst Islam Memish made a noteworthy comment on the dollar.


Memish said that the Fed’s interest rate hike, which had a big impact on the dollar, has gradually come to an end.At its December meeting, the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates by 50 basis points. Subsequently, he will increase the interest rate by 25, 25 basis points and only 100 basis points and move on to the final part.” said.


Recalling that the elections will be held in 2023, Islam Memish drew attention to new operations on the dollar.

Emphasizing that the attack on Taksim was the start of the operation, Islam Memish said:The terrorist attack that resulted in the death of innocent people on Taksim marks the beginning of these operations. In order to undermine the Turkish economy, they will divert people’s attention in completely different directions. Foreign currency is an investment tool, such rhetoric like buying foreign currency will be so, it will be so, this is purely intelligence work. We saw these operations last December. People got excited. He came to Gaza and Everyone attacked the dollar, which reached the level of 18 Turkish lira from 8.80 Turkish lira. Although a year has passed, they have not been able to recoup their losses from that dollar. I tell people. You may encounter the same transactions again.he warned.

ISLAM DID NOT DATE: ‘Stay away from dollars in 2023’

Sharing his forecast for the dollar at the end of the year, Memish noted that the dominance of the dollar will come to an end.

Memis said:

The probability of seeing the 20-21 TL dollar range is high and can be tested here. UOn the other hand, the dollar may be a bit more stable in international markets.

Turkey has increased its gold reserves. They will trade their own currencies, their own currencies, digital currencies, A new order is coming that will exclude the dollar and eliminate the dollar.

It can be effective in attacking the dollar exchange rate and increasing foreign currency deposits in the bank. I want to pay attention here.

The second big reason is yes, inflation rates are high, interest rates are coming back, people can’t access credit right now. However, this troublesome process will last until February-March. Because economic data comes a month ahead. Therefore, a new peak from the dollar, a new attack may be closer to the end of the year. As of March 2023, stay away from the dollar.

The dollar is not really an investment vehicle. I often say this to people. In the process that we are watching from the history of the Republic to today, they buried people’s heads in the sand, taught people the dollar as an investment tool and placed it as a culture, but the scale of the work is not the same as everyone else.

When we look at earnings over the last twenty years A gram of gold went down in history as the most profitable investment instrument, earning 6,290 percent in the price of Turkish Lira. The stock market was the second most profitable investment vehicle. The euro was the third most profitable investment instrument. The dollar, on the other hand, took its place in fourth place among the most profitable. Consequently The dollar has a name, but no income. At the moment, our citizens need to pay attention to the currency side.”

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