Istanbul Exchange is no longer cheap

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The stock market, which last year was a haven for those looking to hedge against inflation, started 2023 with a fluctuating rate. The stock market, which closed with a 7% drop on Thursday last week, rose 3.5% on Friday.

The surge continues today. However, the dollar-denominated annual return is still close to 100 percent.

This feature of BIST 100 compares favorably with the stock markets of other countries. Turkish stocks have long ‘cheap’ accepted.

Used to analyze the stock price. “market value/book value” companies with a coefficient less than 1 ‘cheap’ counts. In total, there are 1283 such companies in the world.

There is not a single Turkish company in the 100 cheapest companies by market/book value calculation.

According to news from How One Economy’s Barış Erkay, the number of companies that are among the 1000 cheapest in Turkey is five.

In this sense, another indicator “price/earnings ratio” Akbank was the only Turkish company included in the list of the 100 cheapest companies by invoice.

Yapı Kredi Bank, İşbank C, Sabancı Holding, Garanti Bank, Vakıfbank and Turkish Airlines are in the top 500.

“Borsa Istanbul is very cheap” Contrary to the rhetoric, when we look at the data, the only sector that is cheaper in Turkey during this period compared to equity-based global markets is the banking sector. However, it is clear that the banking sector is cheap in many countries.

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