Istanbul Kent University ‘IV. Decay protection symposium

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – Symposium, prof. Dr. It was organized under the leadership of Funda Yanıkoğlu with the participation of DentistKent and Berkant Sezer. Special attention at the symposium, which began with a focus on the 100th anniversary of the Republic, was also noted by Turkish scientists. On the other hand, they honored the memory of the citizens who died as a result of the earthquake in Kahramanmaras on February 6, 2023.

There were 14 keynote speeches, including 5 international ones, on the formation and treatment of caries in dentistry, four of which were online, especially on the prevention of caries before it occurs. The symposium, attended by approximately 170 participants, included a total of 49 oral presentations, 24 case presentations, and 25 research reports. The first five people who met the criteria for dental caries research received the Mustafa Kemal Atatürk awards for the 100th anniversary of the Republic.

Dentist Özlem Kanar was awarded a medal and a gift bag from the university for her oral presentation “Assessment of caries detection by laser fluorescence and histology after caries removal by various methods.”

At the symposium, Prof. Dr., who organized the first meetings on dental caries in Turkey. Dr. Commemorative speeches were given in honor of Turan Cengiz and Dr. George C. Stuka, who discovered the fluoride formula of fluoristat to prevent caries.


It was announced that proceeds from the symposium would be donated to earthquake victims as scholarships. It was appreciated through fruitful speeches that there are many topics for research in dentistry and that the known facts still need to be questioned. It has been explained that dental caries can be prevented before it occurs and that dentists can achieve this.

It was emphasized that the resulting caries can be cured, and people should go to dentists for preventive applications so that they do not have to extract teeth. Reminded of the importance of the dentist in the treatment of dental caries. It has been claimed that root canal treatment can be performed much faster and painlessly with new techniques, and that in some patients cluster pain can be completely eliminated by simple caries removal.

IV at Istanbul Kent University.  Decay protection symposium


On the other hand, it was stated that an article by Omer Dedeoglu titled “100 Years of Victory” was found on the “Protect from Decay” website. At the symposium, Emel Gökmen said that the deterioration of the integrity of the teeth will negatively affect the body, and Aylin Baysan spoke about sustainable dentistry. Bora Korkut emphasized the importance of finishing and polishing fillings, while Christian Spliet explained how caries in children should be treated. Serhat Keuken talked about how deep caries can be protected by the most conservative method, and Mustafa Gündogar talked about new generation root canal treatment methods, how to prevent the formation of inflammation in progressive caries in the most conservative way.

The next day, Andrea Zandona spoke about dental caries prevention and early intervention, while Osman Hairan explained the importance of oral and dental health from a sociocultural perspective. It was stated that Yıldırım Hakan Bagış approached cleaning bruises from a completely different perspective. In addition, it was stated that “Alpdogan Kantarci explained that gingivitis can be prevented with some experimental products during the research phase, and Füsun Ozer explained the errors that can be seen when attaching aesthetic fillings to dental tissues.”

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