It might not be the sausage you’re eating, it might be grass.

SAFAKNA TURKEY- Food Laboratories and the Association of Food Inspectors (GLADER) discovered sukuk fraud through their research. The sausages were collected in 39 districts of Istanbul and analyzed in the laboratory. The inspectors found that most of them were produced only from grass, without the use of animal cells.

GLADER vice-president Selman Bahadir Orhan said that you should read the label on the sausage: “The month of Ramadan has come, people want to eat stronger and better. You can suppress hunger with the best animal products. Our citizens need to be warned about this. Especially sausage is a food item that is very open to cheating. Our warning to our consumers and the public is this: Labels must be very well read. They must be doing their own testing. Check the expiration date. At the same time, it is imperative to write what is inside them. According to the label’s notice, writing them is mandatory. “Especially if the price is cheap, they should be careful in their reviews,” he said.

Stating that in their research they found sausages without any animal cells, Orhan said: “Because the animal products we use are expensive, especially vegetable proteins are used instead of animal products. By disguising them with other industrial salts, many events can be added to them. Since we have to write them according to the label notice, the citizen must read the labels very well. They have to work like an auditor. Cheats are much more advanced in integrated production facilities. They are much harder to catch. Since this is done much more professionally, we cannot catch these tricks in a simple laboratory. In the studies we have done, we have witnessed that products derived from animal products, such as animal products, are produced without any animal cells.”

Orhan stated that the sausage made from soybean flour, salt and sweetener has a meaty taste and said, “There are very advanced technologies in this sense. When you add salt and sweetener to soy flour, you think you are eating meat. It’s very hard to catch. A serious laboratory and chemical examination is required. The number of such laboratories in Turkey is limited. If you look at the ratio of proteins, you will see that the protein is 22 percent, but what matters is whether that protein is plant-based or animal-based. That’s what I want to say. We eat grass instead of meat. Unfortunately, we have witnessed such tricks in some sausages.”

While the weight of sausage made from meat is sold for 188 lire, chicken sausage is sold in the markets for 87 lira, and the weight of the sausage varies from 300 to 350 lira at butchers. Butchers claimed that the sausage they sell is more reliable than in the markets.

Butcher Ozkan Yazici noted that it is easy to cheat with sausage and said: “You can put soy sauce, spices, chicken stomach. Even if you cook chicken, it will taste like sausage. From the iodine used, you can make sausage, even chicken, and sell it at any price. Sausage is made from chicken and grass, the citizen still does not look at the content. We chop here, we give it without oil and salt,” he said.

Butcher Arif Aydin said: “The weight of the sausage is 330 lira. Judging by the price of meat, now the price is normal. It is written on our sausages what they are, but they still put the substance in them, ”he said.

Cengiz Uysal, who worked as a butcher for 30 years, said: “The weight of a sausage is 300 lire. The client chooses the meat he wants, we give him what he wants. Everything is done in front of the customer, we do not sell ready-made products.”

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