It was announced that it is not true that BioNTech will leave Germany

It was announced that the statement of the newspaper SHAFAQNA TURKEY-German Bild that “BioNTech, the biotechnology company headquartered in Mainz, will leave Germany” was not true.

Yasmina Alatovich, vice president of corporate communications at BioNTech, said the Bild news was not true.

“We asked to correct the news,” Alatovich said. It is true that we are planning additional locations in the UK. This will not affect the position of BioNTech in Germany or worldwide.”

A news story titled “Even the Corona Heroes Leave the Country” in the Bild newspaper yesterday claimed that Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türek, who first developed the Covid-19 vaccine, decided to move their company BioNTech out of Germany.

The news claimed that BioNTech had decided to move its production and R&D projects from Mainz, Germany to England.

The German government was also criticized in the news, saying that “Made in Germany” used to be a mark of quality, now the situation has changed, and many German companies have moved their factories and R&D projects abroad.

On the other hand, on January 6, BioNTech announced that it had reached an agreement with the UK Department of Health to set up a cancer treatment research center in the UK.

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