Italy decides to ban artificial meat

SAFAKNA TURKEY- ItalyMeloni’s government artificial meat He prepared a bill to ban the production and marketing of synthetic food products, including

In Italy, the right-wing coalition government led by Georgia Meloni is preparing to ban synthetic food.

The Council of Ministers, which met on Tuesday evening under the chairmanship of Meloni, took important decisions on various issues. Accordingly, the Council of Ministers passed a bill to ban the production and marketing of synthetic food and feed, including artificial meat. The government will seek the approval of the lower and upper houses of parliament for the bill to become law.

Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida at a press conference after a cabinet meeting “In a society where the rich eat well and the poor don’t, there is a risk of social injustice with synthetic food. There is a strong desire to protect, not an oppressive attitude.” said.

Health Minister Orazi Squillaci defended the bill they drafted and said, “This is a precautionary law because there is no scientific research on the effects of synthetic products today.” He said.

Squillaci said that with this bill they protect the health of their citizens at the highest level and protect their agricultural crop based on the Mediterranean diet.

If the bill, which the government submits to parliament for approval, becomes law, fines of up to 60,000 euros will be imposed on violators of the law.

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