January Campaign Champions Announced

SAFAKNA TURKEY- According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), the rise in other services n.e.c. was followed last month by a 27.46% increase in basic hospital services, a 25.17% increase in beer, and a 23% increase in urban taxi passenger traffic. 83 percent.

Other products with the biggest price increase in January include health insurance with 23.42%, other cultural services with 22.12%, dentistry with 21.75%, beef with 20.36%, iron with 18.38%, urban passenger transportation and drugs with 17.96%.

City gas and natural gas declined the most last month, at 6.55%. This is followed by children’s clothing with 4.64%, potatoes and some tubers with 3.03%, women’s clothing with 2.54%, sugar with 1.64%, eggs and egg products with 1.03%, 0%, men’s clothing. clothing with 94%, other. fats and oils from 0.46 percent and margarine from 0.22 percent. The smallest increase in prices was observed in rice – 0.69.

According to the TURKSTAT Consumer Price Index, the products with the largest monthly price increase in January and the rate of change compared to the previous month are as follows:

Fastest Growing Key Names – Monthly Change
Other services n.e.c. 70.61
Basic hospital services 27.46
Urban passenger transportation by taxi 23.83
Health insurance 23.42
Other cultural services 22.12
Dentistry fee 21.75
Veal 20.36
Urban passenger transport by rail 18.38
Drugs 17.96

The selected products with the least increase or decrease in prices in the past month and the rate of change from the previous month are as follows:

Least Increasing or Most Decreasing Key Titles – Monthly Change
City gas and natural gas -6.55
Children’s clothing -4.64
Potatoes and some tubers -3.03
Women’s clothing -2.54
Sugar -1.64
Eggs and egg products -1.03
Men’s clothing -0.94
Other fats and oils -0.46
Margarine -0.22
Brass 0.69

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