Jerome Powell’s statement, Bitcoin has fallen!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – In the last few minutes, a statement was published on the official website of the US Federal Reserve. This article is about the banking crisis in Switzerland finance is on the market agenda.

Included in this joint statement by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H. Powell and U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen are the following words:

“We welcome the statements made today by the Swiss authorities in support of financial stability. The capital and liquidity positions of the US banking system are strong and the US financial system is strong. We are in close contact with our international partners to support their implementation.”

Emphasizing that the US banking system is strong, Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen emphasize that they continue to work on what is happening in Switzerland.

US Federal Reserve (FED), chairman Jerome Powell seems to have had a negative impact on the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) at the moment.

BTC, which fell from the last peak of $28,400, fell to $27,750, but began to recover again in the last minutes.

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