Lab-Produced Artificial Chicken Meat

SHAFAQNA TURKEY-There are those who think that laboratory-produced artificial meat will become widespread in the near future. The journalist decided to try one of these types of meat, artificial chicken meat produced in the laboratory. The journalist made an interesting comment after tasting artificial chicken meat. “I should have mentioned it,” she said, “she has gas for the rest of the day.”

There are endless debates about artificial meat. Some believe that artificial meat made from real animal cells grown in bioreactors will become commonplace in the near future. This means that soon we will be eating artificial meat produced in the laboratory. So what does artificial meat taste like? According to a journalist who tried artificial chicken meat in the laboratory, the effect of it is more noticeable than the taste.

The journalist who tasted artificial chicken meat produced in the laboratory is named John Wentz. Wentz made an interesting comment after experimenting with artificial chicken meat, suggesting that he “had enough gas for the rest of the day.” This cannot be attributed unequivocally to the chicken, but it is clear that the situation is suspicious.

“While it’s not abnormal for me, it’s not possible to make a direct link between my bloating and lab meat,” Wentz said. said. Explaining that he doesn’t have cramps or pain, Wentz said: “My digestive system was like, ‘Hmm, what is this? He’s like, “I might not like this.

But artificial meat, it seems, is still far away.

First, the product still needs USDA approval. Second, uncertainty remains about the long-term health effects of eating laboratory-produced meat. Thirdly, the question of price. Because they say it’s too expensive for many people.

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