Last Minute in the Cryptocurrency Markets!

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – These losses did not affect the leading cryptocurrency. bitcoin weekend again $25,000 resistance tested. hot token of the day STSshowed a 7-day yield of 33.3%, outperforming the market as a whole as investors lead the CEX token listing.

Industry news is included in the daily bulletin produced by Bybit Global. The Bybit Global Bulletin looks like this:

Own token of Gains Network, development team of gTrade, a decentralized trading protocol on GNS, Polygon and Arbitrum. What sets Gains Network apart from other DEXs is non-cryptocurrency perpetual trading, including FX and stocks. The recent outstanding results are due to traders managing the listing of GNS on the CEX, which often results in price spikes as more investors become available to own GNS tokens. While the price increase was driven by more speculative moves, gTrade’s fundamentals continued to improve. In particular, the network’s daily trading volume is growing rapidly as its competitors struggle to retain users.

Rumors that Hong Kong will legalize retail trading in cryptocurrencies have sparked outrage. Although there is no official confirmation, several sources indicate that individual investors will be able to invest in crypto assets under the new regulatory framework from June 1, 2023. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong commented that the US is losing ground in crypto regulation in the UK, the EU and now Hong Kong. However, many critics wonder if Hong Kong’s regulators will be as open as they say they are, allowing their citizens to freely trade cryptocurrencies. Compliance regulation in Hong Kong is likely to be as strict as in its Western counterparts.

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