Last minute! Kilometer Zero Car Sales Review

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Ministry of Treasury and Finance, automotive launched an investigation into claims of stockpiling in the sector. According to TRT Haber news; The focus is on the 260,000 vehicles sold since September 2022.

As part of the audit, detailed information on sales processes was requested from 13 distributors and 257 dealers.

Question “Accessories”

In addition, 260,000 buyers were contacted and asked for information about whether they personally paid for the purchased cars, whether they were forced to purchase mandatory accessories.

They asked if the cost of accessories was made in person or through a bank.

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Information was requested on fees and collection methods above list prices. A fee requested above the list price will be treated as tax evasion.

If the investigation reveals violations in the sale of vehicles, the relevant dealers and distributors will be fined. TRT

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