LGBTI is spreading in the US Muslim community! – News details / USA (IGFA) – Federal Imam Ahmet Donmez of New York, who was invited to a council of Islamic communities in the US in recent weeks, said that LGBTI people in the US are also becoming more prevalent among Muslim societies.

Ahmet Donmez, longtime federal imam in the state of New York in the US, spoke to abdpost.

Noting that such situations are becoming more common among American Turks, Donmez said: “Families are concerned. Actually, we are scientists, but the teacher in the council claimed that reading the Qur’an would correct these situations. Such events cannot be dealt with by reading the Quran. This is an inner feeling. There are medical, psychological, sociological, parental role models and educational reasons for this problem. With all this in mind, it is necessary to contact the children. This should be resolved without offending or judging anyone. Of course, we must protect our children, but we must do this without hurting anyone or putting pressure on them. It is also a matter of faith,” he said.

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