Mark Mobius Reveals Bitcoin Estimated Value Next Year

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Senior Investor, Co-founder of Mobius Capital Partners Mark Mobius, predicted that bitcoin would fall to the $20,000 level this year, and this prediction came true. Mobius now 2023 for a year how much will bitcoin cost answers the question. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, according to an investor, 10000 dollars you can see the level.

Bitcoin could see $10,000 level

mobius, bitcoin current $17,000 waiting to stay level, $10,000 in 2023 He said he could rise to his level. The investor told CNBC that Bitcoin’s bearishness is due to rising interest rates and the overall tight monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve.

mobius, “With higher interest rates, the temptation to hold or buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies becomes less attractive because there is no interest in simply holding coins.” said and continued:

“Of course, there are a number of offerings that offer interest rates of 5% or higher for cryptocurrency transactions, but many of the companies offering such rates have gone bankrupt, in part because of FTX. As these losses increase, people become afraid to hold on to cryptocurrencies to earn interest.”

Mobius has also directly supported the explosion of cryptocurrencies. fedHe attributes this to a 40 percent increase in the money supply over the past few years. mobius, “So there was plenty of money for cryptocurrency speculation” he added. rate hike As a result now The Fed has started to withdraw this hot money.

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