Meat is expensive, milk is expensive, what should these people do?

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Rising prices for milk and meat continue to strain the pockets of citizens. As milk prices rose 175 percent in a year, cheese, a must-have breakfast staple, has become more expensive than meat for the first time in history. TUSEDAD President Senser Solakoglou said meat prices have also risen. He suggested that there might be a 30-40 raise.

Speaking on this occasion, Senser Solakoglou, Chairman of the Board of the All Association of Dairy, Meat and Cattle Producers (TÜSEDAD), stated that food prices have risen due to cost:There are two products for which the government can control prices. One is meat, the other is dairy.” said.

Stating that work is currently ongoing in line with the free market economy, Solakoglou said: “Since the supply of milk is very low, prices will continue to rise sharply. The upward trend in milk prices has had a serious impact on cheese and dairy products.” he said.

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