Mehmet Ceyhan: I received death threats

SAFAKNA TURKEY – An oncologist who has two different views on the Covid vaccine. Yavuz Dizdar and prof. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan made important statements.

As for discussions about vaccines that do not fall off the agenda, the president of the Association of Infectious Diseases, prof. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan and oncology specialist Dr. Yavuz Dizdar made astounding statements when he took part in the What’s Happening Live hosted by Hakan Ural and Nur Tugba Namli, which is broadcast every weekday on Kanal D screens.

Defending the idea of ​​vaccine protection from day one, Prof. Dr. Explaining that he received death threats for claiming that the vaccine protects against Covid, Mehmet Ceyhan said: “The news that the German government is compensating those who are vaccinated is absolutely false news. Why heart attacks have become more frequent, even cases of stroke, vascular blockages have increased, the reason for this is not in the vaccine, but in the disease itself. With these vaccines, there have been no vaccine-related cancers, no vaccine-related heart attack, and no vaccine-related stroke. The source of all such news is some kind of sources that these anti-vaxxers publish on the Internet or in magazines and earn serious money. Listen, when you say this, these are the people who spread the news. they threatened me with death. They asked me if I wanted protection, and I said I didn’t. They go and write a statement to the prosecutor’s office, I told people to go and get vaccinated. Pandemic vaccines saved us from death at a very high rate, without these vaccines, the number of deaths would have been 5-6 times higher.

Another name is an oncologist. On the other hand, Yavuz Dizdar was of a completely different opinion than Ceylan. To say that the vaccine does not protect and there is no benefit from its repeated introduction.“It is not known where and what is left of the place where the unknown virus came from. Everyone says they heard. In fact, we have already gone beyond what this vaccine has done to us so far. I can’t say if he did something in the beginning or not, but if you ask what he did now, I can explain it in five hundred ways,” he said.

Dizdar said: “They recognized that heart attacks cause an increase, or rather, heart attacks at a young age. So the structure of the virus is targeting a molecule that is very common among humans, and the vaccine you’re making is targeting that. This goal also means shooting yourself in the foot. So if you do it twice, it happened to me too, but it won’t work if you do it four, six, eight times. If a vaccine fails to protect within a year, that vaccine does not have a number.

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