Message of condolences from ISBAM Turkey – news details

AZERBAIJAN (IGFA) – Samir Adigozelli, chairman of the Azerbaijan ISBAM and representative of the Federation of Internet Journalists (IGF) in Azerbaijan, expressed his condolences to the Turkish people in connection with the earthquake in Kahramanmarash.

In his message, Samir Adigozelli wished God’s mercy to his Turkish brothers and sisters who died as a result of the earthquake that hit 10 provinces of Turkey and conveyed his condolences and best wishes to their families and the Turkish people.

He stated that Azerbaijan is with him in all matters, that the Azerbaijani rescue team arrived in Turkey from the show of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, and work continues to provide other means of assistance.

Adigozelli said: “The situation in Turkey deeply shocked public opinion in Azerbaijan. We believe that a strong Turkey will heal these pains in a short time,” he said.

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