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SAFAKNA TURKEY – Migros also announced a new promotion after the administration of the economy met with top managers of national network markets and warned of price cuts after the minimum wage increase.

According to a statement from Migros, the company has not only set prices for hundreds of key products, but also launched a very active discount campaign in an effort to fight inflation.

During January, the company, which has fixed prices on 419 Migros-branded products, including the most basic products such as flour, butter, tea, sugar, legumes, detergents and diapers, is also making permanent discounts on more than 3,000 branded products. Migros is also offering special discounts of 25 to 50 percent on nearly 20,000 products, covering all products in 23 different product groups.

As one of the biggest supporters of the “Turkey Benefits from Unity” campaign launched last year, Migros continues to fight inflation resolutely by scaling up the campaign in 2023 and offering the best for cheap.

“A call to markets to fix prices”

Recently, the leadership of the economy made statements to the retail sector that prices will remain stable.

Minister of Finance and Finance Nureddin Nebati took part in the Bloomberg HT-Habertürk joint broadcast to assess the development of the economic agenda and urged the markets: “I am getting a call from here. Before arriving, I spoke with several bosses. Some companies have also started. I call to the fact that prices will be fixed for a certain period of time. We are ready to make any contribution. There were those who responded to this call.”

The shock fixed the price of a thousand products.

ŞOK Marketler also recently made a statement announcing that it was going to lock in prices for a thousand products.

According to a statement made by Shock, it was indicated that the prices of 1,000 products, from rice to pasta, from legumes to flour, from tea and coffee to sugar, from butter to margarine, from potatoes to onions, are determined from among the basic needs of the household, will remain constant in ŞOK Marketler until the end of January.

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