Minimum wage commission meets behind closed doors

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – The Minimum Wage Determination Commission has begun its second meeting as part of its efforts to determine the minimum wage that will take effect in the new year.

In the commission set up by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the employers’ committee is headed by TİSK general secretary Akansel Koç, while the workers’ committee is headed by TÜRK-İŞ general secretary Pevrul Kavlak.

Representatives from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the Ministry of Commerce and the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) are expected to share economic data and reports with the commission in a closed session.

The minimum wage is 5 thousand 500 TL net.

The minimum wage is 6,471 lire per month gross for a worker and 5,500 lira net 35 cents, excluding taxes and deductions.

The total value of the minimum wage for an employer is 7,603 liras and 43 cents for an employee. Of these, 6,471 lira is the minimum wage before taxes, 1,003 lira 1 cent is a social contribution, 129 lira 42 cents is the employer’s unemployment insurance contribution. AA

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