Minimum Wage Statement from Latif Shimshek!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – If we do not consider the intermediate rate formula as of July 2022, then even if inflation enters a downward trend, the minimum wage in 2023 will periodically lose its purchasing power every month.

Those who say 9,900 lira is “impossible” and consider it impossible should in any case not be pessimistic.

A good thing; At a time when purchasing power has bottomed out, both the government and the business world are not aiming for an unacceptable minimum wage.

Let’s talk about the amount that can be, what can be agreed upon, and not about what should be.

So how much can the parties agree on?

At the moment, the most likely minimum wage is 8,500 lire. I don’t say it by heart. My conclusion from conversations with some labor bureaucrats and businessmen: 8500 net.

My more optimistic scenario: Whatever the figure that comes out of the commission, Mr. President will make adjustments. Well; leaves the commission as 8,500. The President increases this amount to 9,000 lire, and no one objects.

The state still slightly eases the burden of the employer on the minimum wage. If he also takes some steps, such as providing a loan with an affordable interest rate for compensation payments, there will be no big objections from the employer.

Come on, good luck.

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