Minister Bilgin: The minimum wage will be $500

SHAFAKNA TURKEY. Bilgin, the AKP candidate in Ankara, answered questions about the agenda live.

Noting that they were always trying to protect workers from inflation, Bilgin went on to say:

– As you know, the collective negotiations that we hold with a mass of more than 700,000 employees are negotiations. This is happening in an atmosphere of contention, not just negotiation. Our unions have reached a certain point, they have identified the points where they agree and disagree.

– At this point, we enter. We must intervene on behalf of the workers, because the welfare state must protect the workers from both capital and the state.

– We considered the issue with that task, and the issue practically came to naught, up to reconciliation. Tomorrow, with the participation of our President, we will share with the public how this reconciliation has evolved. We’ll post the number tomorrow.

“There will be a course of about 500 dollars”

Minister Bilgin stated that they have taken a historic step in regards to the increase in the minimum wage due in July and that they have excluded income from the tax and said: “There has been no tax on the minimum wage for 1.5 years. In July we will arrange it in such a way as to preserve its real purchasing power. In January, we agreed that we had brought it to the highest level of over $455 in dollar terms in the history of the Republic. We will do the same in July. It will be about $500. Our work is done.” used phrases.

Those without EYT will receive both their bonuses and accumulated wages.

Bilgin, who was asked about the requirements for an extension of the pension system among those in retirement (EYT), said that EYT was a problem for almost 20 years, and they solved it.

Noting that he had been asked by President Erdogan to work on the issue, Bilgin said: “At that time, the median age was low. The system was unable to handle it. We started preparing even before the pandemic. The average age was 50, we wouldn’t have been able to do it if it had been less. This is the right time. We could have expected a little longer, but we wanted this injustice to be corrected as soon as possible. 50 years is the age when we can balance. They tied the salary of about 1 million people, who cannot tie it quickly, they will receive their bonuses. Those who did not connect will receive both their bonus and the accumulated salary. No one has a loss of rights.” gave his assessment.

“We will increase pensions in a certain amount, up to 10 thousand”

Minister Bilgin said that they have applied a gradual increase in pensions and that they will increase salaries above 7,000 lira at a fixed rate to 10,000.

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