Minister Donmez: no increase in natural gas supplies

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez made statements on the agenda live on NTV. Minister Donmez said that the subsidy rate for natural gas is 75 percent and said: “Turkey will survive this winter without problems on natural gas. There will be no increase in natural gas prices in December,” he said.


Providing information on the declared reserves of natural gas in the Black Sea, Donmez said: “The onshore and offshore pipe-laying process has been completed. Key equipment weighing 280 tons was brought to Turkey. Our goal is to meet the citizens in March 2023. If we talk about the features of structures on land; what will happen at these facilities, what will the work give here, what is the significance of the facilities on land in this process? Now this is a gas processing plant that we will give to the national system. There is also a port side where we also carry out logistics operations. The first gas will enter the system in March. In 4 years, it will satisfy all the gas in residential buildings.”


Declaring that Turkey will survive this winter without problems, Donmez said: “First of all, we need to look at world prices. If we look at the situation before and after the pandemic, we see an abnormal increase in natural gas production. If the war in Ukraine ends soon, this will relax the market. No predictable price forecast, too much volatility. But we see that the high level regressed in the summer months. But we’ll see if it’s temporary or permanent. But there will be no increase in natural gas prices in December,” he said.

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