Minister Koca announced that we are in a new era against SMA

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Health Minister Koca issued a statement on his Twitter account: “We launched a program to screen premarital couples and newborns for SMA in May 2022. To date, we have examined 760,789 infants and 601,507 adults. We had the opportunity to treat eligible children diagnosed with SMA early. “We have entered a new era against SMA,” he said.

Minister Koca stressed that treatment for children diagnosed with SMA and given medication by a doctor was started immediately, and said:

“The first 6-month survival rate for infants diagnosed as part of the SMA newborn screening program and receiving a loading dose of Nusinersen was 100 percent. What if the SMA in your genes is waiting to show up in your next child? Just because you don’t have children with SMA may not mean you never will. If you are considering having a new child, check your partner for risk of SMA at the Family Health Center. Enough blood sample. High medical and humanitarian support for our sick offspring, scientific struggle against the disease itself; This is a summary of our approach to SMA as the Ministry of Health. Our duty is to be hopeful and avoid disappointment. As a society, we need to be aware of the need for screening for SMA.”

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