Minister Shimshek announced that “our program has three main components.”

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Simsek summarized the details of the new OVP in 3 articles with his participation. Minister Shimshek said that the three main components of the economic program are the establishment of fiscal discipline, the gradual tightening of monetary policy to reduce inflation and structural reforms.

Minister of Finance and Treasury Mehmet Simsek informed about the content of the Medium-Term Program, the details of which will be announced in September.

In a statement on his social media account, Minister Simshek noted that there are three main components to the OVP and listed them one by one:

According to the minister, these articles are as follows: “Restoration of financial discipline; that is, eliminating the earthquake effect, bringing the budget deficit to a level compatible with the Maastricht criteria, gradual tightening of monetary policy to bring inflation down to single digits over the medium term, and an income policy compatible with an inflation target, structural reforms that will make macroeconomic financial stability and all other benefits are constant.

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