Minister’s response to Memur-Sen’s proposal for a 110% increase!

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – On Tuesday, August 1, negotiations will begin on a 7th term public collective agreement that will define the financial and social rights of approximately 4 million civil servants and 2.5 million retired civil servants in 2024-2025. The authorized officer of the confederation, Sen, yesterday conveyed the proposal to the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Vedat Ishihan. While Memur-Sen wanted a 110 percent increase over a two-year period, the signal for reconciliation came from Labor and Welfare Minister Vedat Ishihan, who spoke for the first time since the proposal.

After the cabinet meeting last night, Minister Ishihan was asked about the process. Ishihan, who said he would attend the first meeting on August 1, said: “We will come along with the parties. I hope we will end the negotiations with a compromise,” he said.

Memur-Sen, who wanted the increase done in 3 months in 2024, asked for a 70 percent increase for next year and 40 percent for 2025. Thus, Memur-Sen’s demand for a two-year increase was 110 percent.

  • First of all, we want to increase the salary by 1650 TL so that the promise is kept and the promise is kept.
  • Salaries and wages of civil servants;

Total 70% including wealth share quarterly for 2024,

By 2025, we want to increase the total amount by 40%, including the welfare share, over 6-month periods.

  • We want the bonus under the Collective Agreement to be paid in stages and on a monthly basis.
  • We want all civil servants of the 1st category to have 3600 additional indicators.
  • We want government officials to receive monthly rent assistance of TL 7,650.
  • We want the ancillary services class to be abolished and moved to GİH.
  • We need a bonus of 4850 TL for the religious holidays of Ramadan and the Feast of Sacrifice.
  • As a family help; We want the spouse allowance to be 2000 TL and the child allowance to be 500 TL.
  • We want income tax to be fixed at 15%.
  • Engineer, branch manager, manager, assistant manager, supervisor, etc. We want the financial rights of titled personnel to be reviewed, including rewards for special merit and additional payments.
  • We want civil servants in the earthquake area to be rewarded and compensated by the end of 2025.
  • We want exams for promotion and change of rank to be held periodically, but no more than three years.
  • We want the severance pension account to be increased to 100 and the time limit lifted.
  • We are asking for incremental payments for overtime, per diems, land compensation, clothing allowances, and food allowances.
  • We want Law No. 4688 to be compatible with universal human principles and norms.
  • State personnel system; We want issues such as pay scale, rank, career to be improved and revised.
  • We want additional payments to disabled people, veterans, veterans and relatives of martyrs.
  • We want a regulation on the amnesty of disciplinary sanctions after the age of 17, with certain criteria.
  • We want female civil servants to have 32 weeks of paid maternity leave, which is 16 weeks, to increase maternity leave and make the right to work part-time a de facto practice.
  • We want maternity benefit of TL 5,098, marriage benefit of TL 24,215 and death benefit of TL 19,372.
  • We want to provide free kindergarten services in institutions and provide kindergarten assistance in the amount of 2778 TL in places where this service is not available.
  • We want the increase of TL 8,077 to be reflected in retired civil servants.
  • We want retired civil servants to be able to join trade unions in the service sector, including in the institutions where they last worked.

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