Ministry of Health Statement on False Claims on Anti-Cancer Drugs

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The Ministry of Health issued a statement on the news that painkillers were delivered to citizens instead of cancer drugs purchased by the SGC and the Association of Pharmacists abroad, and the Ministry of Health called the medicine original.

While emphasizing that it was the Ministry of Health that issued the determination and the criminal investigation into the fake cancer drug claims, it was pointed out that in 2019, inspectors conducted an investigation into the matter. This review emphasized that the result of the analysis of the samples delivered by SGK was the original cancer drug, and the following samples taken from the drug warehouse were found to be counterfeit. It is noted that the trial of the incident continues.

Another requirement is a change in the manual, which is said to have been made for a drug that they want to import from abroad. It was stated that the change in guidelines did not facilitate the process of importing medicines from abroad, but on the contrary, rules were introduced to ensure the safety, efficacy and quality of medicines.

“Allegations that a way to purchase drugs in a country where drugs were not previously taken are unfounded,” the statement said.

In a statement regarding allegations of importing drugs from Bangladesh, “until today, there has not been a single box of drugs from Bangladesh into our country. It is not possible to add any drug that is not licensed in the country to the list of foreign drugs.” answers have been given.

In a statement, the Ministry of Health said: “We should not forget that false claims can undermine our patients’ trust in medicines and lead to treatment failure. There can be no question of condoning any situation that will shake the confidence of our citizens in the drugs used in our country.” made an accent.

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