Mobius Post-Crisis Bitcoin Forecast

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Mark Mobius, co-founder of Mobius Capital Partners, told Bloomberg in an interview in Singapore that his next target for bitcoin is $10,000, adding that he would not invest in digital assets either with his own money or his clients’ money, “because it’s too risky.”

Despite this, Mobius said: “Because of the faith of investors in cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies will continue to exist. It is amazing that the price of bitcoin can remain at this level despite the bankruptcy of FTX,” he said.

After the collapse of the FTX platform, whose former CEO is Sam Bankman-Fried, and its subsidiary Alameda Research, the cryptocurrency market plunged into chaos, and concerns remain about the downturn spreading to other platforms.

Some crypto commentators are pointing to the $10,000 level last seen in 2020, before bitcoin surged to $69,000.

According to the Deribit platform, the number of options on futures at the end of December with a strike of $10,000 has increased. This means that derivatives traders expect this level to be tested.

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