Money flowing into the stock market could increase 200 times

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The management of the economy announced a number of measures to compensate for the damage caused by the fact that the stock market was open in the first days of the earthquake.

Following rules that made share buybacks easier, companies turned to share buybacks.

With the exception of companies such as THY, İşbank and Sasa, many companies rushed to buy shares.

According to news from Ekonomim’s Barış Erkay, the number of companies that have increased the amount of funds they have identified in share buyback programs has reached 64 to date.

In the first two days, only 27 of these companies started buying. The amount they received is 122 million 890 thousand Turkish lira. This is only 5% of the total buyout fund.

In the future, companies will spend another 24 billion 327 million Turkish lira for this work.

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