MTV has made a new decision, announced the amount of taxes!

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – After the increase in the motor vehicle tax (MTV), the amount of tax levied depending on the vehicles was also determined. In line with the Packages Bill submitted to Parliament on payments for the registration of new vehicles and vehicles registered for current traffic until the end of this year, here are the new MTV amounts…

Vehicle owners are among the groups most affected by trekking. While the fuel price increase continued to fluctuate, another increase came from MTV.


In accordance with the new proposal, MTV payments for January-July will be made twice, that is, twice. Additional MTV tariffs can be paid in two separate payments, while MTV basic payments are paid in advance. While the first installments can be paid by the end of August, the time for the second installments will be given until the end of November.

Additional MTV payments for vehicles subject to registration will be paid upfront at the regular MTV amount. According to the decision: Vehicle owners will be able to make payments in the mobile application of the Interactive Tax Office from 02:00 to 23:50 using credit and debit cards, money transfers, bank and PTT branches of contractual banks.


Base up to 70 thousand 600 lire

1-3 years – increased from 1313 TL to 2 thousand 120 TL

4-6 years – increased from TL 916 to TL 1479

The base is between 70,600 and 123,700 Turkish Liras.

1-3 years – 1443 liras – increased to 2330 Turkish liras

4-6 years – 1007 liras – increased to 1626 Turkish liras

The base cost is 123,700 TL and above.

1-3 years – 1.576 lira – increased to 2545 TL

4-6 years – 1098 liras – increased to 1773 Turkish liras

2501 – 3000 cc Base 442 300 TL

1-3 years – 14 649 TL – 23 658 TL

4-6 years – 12,745 lira – increased to 20,583 TL

Base cost 442,300 Turkish Liras and above.

1-3 years – 15.983 TL – increased to 25.812 TL
4-6 years – 13,903 lira – increased to 22,453 TL

4-6 years old

0-1300 cc

2022 MTV: 916 lire

2023 MTV: 1479 Lira

1301-1600 cc

2022 MTV: 1715 Lira

2023 MTV: 2769 Lira

4-6 years old

1601-1800 cc

2022 MTV: 3158 lira

2023 MTV: 5100 lira


2022 MTV: 4904 Lira

2023 MTV: 7919 Lira

7-11 years old

0-1300 cc

2022 MTV: 512 lire

2023 MTV: 826 lire

1301-1600 cc

2022 MTV: 995 lire

2023 MTV: 1606 Lira

On the other hand, a proposal for a law to exempt vehicles from MTV in the disaster area was discussed in the Planning and Budget Committee of the Turkish Grand National Assembly to compensate for the losses caused by the earthquakes in Kahramanmaras. Nilgyun Ok, who spoke on the first point of the proposal, announced that vehicles in the earthquake zone would be exempt from motor vehicle tax.

In the Planning and Budget Committee of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the articles of the Draft Law on the Imposition of an Additional Tax on Motor Vehicles to Compensate for Economic Losses Caused by the Earthquakes of February 6, 2023 and Amendments to Certain Laws and Decree Law No. 375. AKP MP Denizli Nilgun Ok said, “All vehicles in the earthquake zone are exempt from MTV.”

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