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SHAFAQNA Türkiye – On October 1, when the parliament starts again, work will begin on the second package of laws. Within the framework of this law, an important regulation of the Bagh-Kur pension system will be made. This will pave the way for those who enter the scope of Bağ-Kur to retire with 7200 bonus days, such as SSK members.

According to news quoted by Faruk Erdem of the Sabah newspaper, a second important law will be on the agenda with the opening of parliament. It is expected that there will be two main reforms for the creation of a family and youth bank and for retirement in the second package of the law. One of the first steps in the framework of the pension reform will be made for the residents of Bagh-Kur. The Ministry of Labor and Social Security will complete work that will reduce the daily premium requirement for the 1 million Bağ-Kur members, including small traders and farmers, from 9,000 to 7,200.


With the opening of parliament, a second important package of laws will be on the agenda. In accordance with the second package of laws, two major reforms are expected on the creation of the Family and Youth Bank and on pensions. One of the first steps to be taken regarding pension reform will be for the people of Bagh Kur. The Ministry of Labor and Social Security is preparing to complete work that will reduce the number of bonus days required for the retirement of 1 million Bağ-Kur workers, including small traders and farmers, from 9,000 to 7,200.


In determining the scope of regulation, small traders will be identified first. Evaluations are ongoing for various alternatives, such as the number of workers in the workplace, simple taxation, and tax-exempt trader status. In addition, date criteria will be determined and it will be clarified whether the regulation will cover all periods.

The EYT (Retirement Age) Act, which went into effect in March, removed the age requirement for those who were insured on or before September 8, 1999. Bag-Kur women with EYT can retire after 20 years (7200 days) and men after 25 full years (9000 days). If the new provision covers all periods, the condition of eligibility for old-age pension for men with EYT insurance covered by the Bag-Kur reform will be reduced to 7,200 days.

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