NASA unveils new “space suit”

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has unveiled a spacesuit designed for a manned mission to the moon.

The new design has features that will help astronauts in scientific experiments on the lunar surface and increase their mobility.

According to news reported by BBC News, NASA is trying to build a new spacesuit, of which a prototype has been unveiled, by 2025, when it aims to re-create a manned trip to the moon as part of the Artemis 3 project. The space suits still worn by US astronauts are based on model of 1981.

Texas-based Axiom Space won a $228 million design contract last year, and it took them six months to build a prototype.

We have made sure that this new suit is more suitable for female astronauts. There have been cases in the past where space travel by female astronauts has been hampered by the lack of proper-sized clothing.

Proper fit to the body reduces fatigue and the risk of injury.

Unlike previous spacesuits, this new design has stitched seams to give the astronauts more flexibility.

Inside the helmet there is also lighting and an HD camera. Thus, the work of astronauts on the surface of the Moon will be monitored in high resolution from the Earth.

The boots to be used on the moon are also designed to withstand the freezing temperatures of the moon’s eternally dark surface.

It was noted that the new clothes will be made using advanced production methods, including 3D printers and laser cutting.

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