New barrier for Russian and EU citizens from Binance

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Forbes Russia recently reported that the EU bid for Russia package of sanctions within Binance Russian citizens and users residing in Russia P2P through its services dollar and euro trading operations what did you forbid explained. Also for EU citizens ruble trading operations out of order It was among the information that remained.

The EU provides financial assistance to Russia through sanctions. embargo The main purpose of the application restrictions applies to Russian citizens and users residing in Russia. FAST embargo prevent piercing it turned out.

crypto consulting firm Cryptoholdings Founder Alexey Zyuzin, ruble-crypto-euro/dollar between arbitrage trading users, as well as the frequent use of the P2P mechanism. FAST By claiming that it is also used for a similar transfer process, the sanction extends to users in general. will not affect only users belonging to these groups will negatively affect stated.

Binance launched crypto assets under sanctions in April last year. 10,000 euros services of citizens of the Russian Federation, exceeding if it limits Unlike other exchanges, it works in Russia. don’t stop chose.

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