New side effect of Covid-19 discovered

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Those with Covid-19 have been found to have a long-term side effect of “not being able to remember familiar faces”, according to a new study.

Experts at an Ivy League university in the US said a person who contracted the virus early in the pandemic in March 2020 “claimed to have difficulty recognizing faces since becoming ill.”

According to DailyStar News, the applicant, who said he had a situation called “relapse of symptoms” two months after he was caught with Covid-19, told experts: “It was as if my father’s voice came from the face of a stranger.”

This condition, referred to in the medical world as prosopagnosia, is also known as facial blindness or facial agnosia (the inability to process sensory information).

The applicant also claimed that he had problems finding directions and remembering the last place where he left his belongings.

Brad Duchene, Professor of Psychology and Brain Sciences, said: “The applicant, his ‘prosopagnosia’ and lack of orientation caught our attention. This is because these two deficiencies often occur together after a person has suffered brain damage or developmental disabilities. “This association is likely due to the fact that these two abilities are associated with neighboring brain regions in the temporal lobe.”

The challenger, who showed 48 famous faces for testing purposes, was only able to recognize 29 percent of the celebrities he knew, 84 percent of the public.

Professor Duchene said: “It was known that there are broad cognitive problems that Covid-19 can cause, but here we see that the applicant has serious and highly selective problems. This shows that after Covid-19 there may be many other people with quite serious and selective disabilities. “If it’s happening in the visual system, it’s likely that some people will also experience selective impairment due to problems in other parts of the brain.”

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