New solution against the fall in the stock market, which came into force today

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The decision made by Borsa İstanbul comes into force from today (February 03, 2023). According to the decision taken, if the BIST 100 index falls by 3% or more compared to the previous day, the step up rule will be activated automatically.

In a written statement issued by the Securities Operations Authority, “in the event that the BIST 100 index on our exchange-traded stock market falls by 3% or more from the previous day’s closing value, it has been decided to automatically apply an increase. step-to-end-of-session rule. Applications included.

What is the step forward rule

Thus, the up rule is a precautionary measure used to contain the decline in stock prices. This rule is that a short sale is made at a price higher than the price of the last transaction in the stock.

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