“No year” in health

SAFAKNA TURKEY – President of the General Health-İş Union Dr. Derya Ugur made a written statement about what 2022 has been like for the health sector.

He stated that 2022 was a year when medical professionals struggled to make a living, doctor migration increased, and patients could not find an appointment, a doctor, and medicine, and called 2022 “the year of absence.”

In a written assessment made by the union, “a year has passed in which citizens could not access medical services, their treatment could not be organized and their medicines could not be delivered. In 2022, a citizen called the MOHKR, could not make an appointment, could not get through to a doctor. Went to the doctor; The doctor requested an examination, but could not sign up for an examination in the near future. They did an examination, made a diagnosis, it was necessary to do an operation, he did not get a day for the operation.

Alternately recalling the challenges in the health sector, the statement included the demands that health professionals want to make in 2023.


Emphasizing that there is no doctor in the public sector to perform surgeries, the statement said: “Surgeries in this area could not be performed because hospitals that did not have the necessary materials for orthopedic and neurosurgical surgeries could not provide new ones. Treatment of the patient was organized, but no cure was found.

The increase in exchange rates in 2022 has led to the problem of higher prices for medical technological devices for diagnostics and treatment, especially medicines, and even the unavailability of some medicines paid for by them.”


General Health-İş Union President Dr. Derya Ugur explained that the medical workers chose the path of dismissal due to the challenges they faced, especially health violence and economic reasons.

“In 2022, there was a significant increase in the number of doctors and experienced medical staff who retired and went abroad,” said Dr. Uğur said: “In the first 10 months of 2022, the number of applications for the Certificate of Good Conduct has reached 2,417. In 2022, 1227 medical specialists and 1190 general practitioners received the “Certificate of Good Conduct”.


Explaining that in 2022, healthcare workers are almost starving and having a hard time “living,” Uğur said: “Health workers who do not spend a single day without violence in the institutions they work in and whose professional dignity has been violated; He was exhausted while trying to provide medical services in unhealthy working conditions.

Dr. Uğur said: “Despite the inflation that is clearly increasing day by day; Medical workers providing services under the incentive-fixed wage system, not knowing what salary they would receive at the end of the month, were doomed to poverty.


Dr. Ugur listed the expectations of medical professionals for 2023 as follows:

* The requirements of social state understanding must be met and equal, free, accessible, scientific and qualified medical services must be provided to all those in need.

* A system must be put in place to ensure that sufficient public resources are allocated to health services.

* Preventive health services should be given priority in health services.

* The city hospital system, which is the biggest result of the health transformation, must be discontinued.

* An effective violence law needs to be enacted to prevent health violence.


* Abandon the executive system and accept a single payment system, not an additional one; the minimum monthly wage for medical workers should be based on the poverty line. All additional payments must be included in the calculation of the pension.

* A gradual increase in additional indicators is needed to cover all health workers without discrimination among employees. All healthcare workers should be entitled to 90 days of depreciation per year, with a past record.

* Increasing hospital workload but no shortage of staff increases staffing gaps in health services. A sufficient number of permanent and well-to-do medical workers must be hired, and the shortage of personnel must be eliminated.

* Various forms of work among medical workers should be stopped; A consistent safe working style must be ensured.

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