“Oil exports from Iraq have not yet begun due to the stagnation of negotiations with Turkey”

SHAFAQNA TURKEY. It was reported that oil exports from Iraq to Turkey, which are expected to resume, have not yet begun due to the stagnation of negotiations.

Reuters reported that, based on the views of pipeline operators, the companies have not received any instructions to resume the flow of oil.

Two other sources on the matter told Reuters that Baghdad has not yet asked Turkey to reopen the pipeline.

Lauk Ghafuri, foreign relations spokesman for the Kurdish Regional Government of Iraq (KRG), said in a statement: “Everything related to the flow of oil is now in the hands of Baghdad and Ankara, both sides must come to an agreement on the resumption of the flow of oil. ” said.

Meanwhile, it was stated that Turkey wanted to negotiate a $1.5 billion compensation to Iraq, while Baghdad had some technical problems with the Iraqi state oil company SOMO, with the relevant PKK ministry, to resume flows. is also among the news that are waiting to be finalized.

KRG is estimated to have lost $550 million due to the three-week downtime.

The KRG and Baghdad signed an interim agreement on April 4 to ensure the flow of oil. It is estimated that the KRG lost $550 million due to the cut in oil production, which lasted three weeks.

Turkey stopped pumping 450,000 barrels of oil a day from Iraqi oil fields in Kirkuk to the port of Ceyhan on March 25 after Iraq won an arbitration case.

In the lawsuit, Iraq accused Turkey of violating the 1973 pipeline agreement by allowing the KRG to export oil without Baghdad’s consent between 2014 and 2018.

The arbitration court sentenced Turkey to pay $1.5 billion to Iraq and Baghdad to pay Ankara $900 million in a counter-case.

Another arbitration case covering the period since 2018 in relation to the 1973 pipeline agreement is still pending.

Sources who spoke to Reuters earlier said Turkey wanted the case closed to open the pipeline.

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