Overcharge lawsuit for disabled people who want to purchase a vehicle without SKT

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Mahmut Şahin, chairman of the Consumers Union, said some car dealers are selling cars at high prices to people with disabilities who want to buy a car without the Special Consumption Tax (SCT).

Shaheen stated that in an attempt to resolve a complaint from a disabled person living in Sivas, they contacted an employee working at the car dealership and learned that the employee was fired after the money was credited to his account.

Claiming that a disabled citizen went to a car dealership to buy a car without SCT, Shaheen said:

“Disabled people are told: “There is no car.” He also knows that this is a vehicle, it is bought and sold. They say, “If you accept this price, we will give it.” For example, they give away a vehicle, which they have to give for 450 thousand liras, for 600-650 thousand liras. Disabled people also agree because they can’t find a car. When you withdraw 650,000 lira, the company says, “Put 450,000 lira into our account.” He wants the rest to be credited to the employee’s account because his work is illegal. To hide this, he puts extra money into the employee’s account, the employee withdraws the money and gives it to his boss. There are two claims here, and the disabled, and those working in car dealerships. It is as if the working man has embezzled money.”


Declaring that they told the citizen who applied to them that they could return the overpayment, Shahin continued his words as follows:

“The citizen did not deposit money manually, but made a bank transfer. When he asked the company for money, the company fired the worker whose bill was paid without compensation, calling code 46. Similar complaints began to come in from Konya, Ankara and Kayseri. There are also complaints from employees that “money is deposited on our behalf.” To protect them, dealers must be vetted to ensure disabled people can take full advantage of the SCT reduction.


If there is an employee who deposited money into their account, please contact us. We are with them legally. The Ministry should take them under control with supervision. This should give confidence to employees. We recommend that people with disabilities do not give extra money to dealers. Be sure to take them to the bank. They return the overpaid money, but only if they can officially prove it.”

Shaheen stated that dealer employees should also receive a receipt after withdrawing money deposited into their accounts from the bank or send it to business owners by bank transfer.


Claiming that a dealer employee fired in Sivas has 110 receipts showing that he gave the money deposited into his account to the owner of the workplace, Shaheen argued the following:

“We are talking about a dealer who is making an unfair profit by taking advantage of discounts on 110 SCT. That’s just what the dealer in town does. This is done by many dealers in Turkey. These are the ones who are suffering right now. On the one hand, people with disabilities give away too much money, the money is eventually taken away, and on the other hand, employees are accused of embezzlement. If they cannot prove it, they may even be punished.”


Emphasizing that the dismissed person in Sivas filed a lawsuit to receive compensation, Shaheen said: “There is actually no claim for compensation here. That person is accused, he was fired for a shameful crime with code 46. He will also not be able to find a job. Why, for the dealer’s ambition to profit from SCT. The state suffers losses here, it does not receive SCT, and the dealer transfers half of this SCT into his pocket. I ask you to check on this so that people do not suffer.” He said.

While expressing that a solution to the problem of non-SCT vehicles can be found with a quota, Shaheen pointed out that each dealer should be given a certain quota of non-SCT vehicles.

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