Bitcoin Alert from 2 Analysts! – Last minute Turkey and world news

SAFAKNA TURKEY – the biggest cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTC) turned lower due to new US economic data ahead of the trading session on Wall Street on February 20th. So what’s next for BTC, here’s the analysts’ interpretation of Bitcoin. Tedtalksmacro: Purchase option Game of Trades: Bitcoin Retests Breakout Level Tedtalksmacro: Purchase option Data, Bitcoin/US dollarThis shows … Read more

Strep-A statement from the Ministry of Health!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The Ministry issued a new announcement to inform the public in order to eliminate question marks in the public about the disease. The information released by the Directorate General of Public Health has given all the details about beta disease, how it is transmitted, its symptoms, treatment and emergency situations. Streptococcus A … Read more

8 signs of insidious lung cancer

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Dr. Trainer Member Ebru Karji made important warnings about lung cancer on February 4, World Cancer Day. Dr. Instructor Prof. Dr. Karji stated that lung cancer is the biggest cause of cancer death among men and women in our country and worldwide, and said: “Lung cancer occurs as a result of the … Read more

GÜNSEL specialists will share their experience with students – News Details

TRNC (IGFA) – GÜNSEL specialists will teach “Applied Engineering Education”, “CAD Design”, “Vehicle Mechanics and Subsystems”, “Drawing in Electrical-Electronics” and “Electric Vehicle Technology” at the Faculty of Engineering of Near East University in the new academic period. Near East University, which has realized many research and development projects, especially GÜNSEL, the domestic and national car … Read more

The stock market is back! – Last minute Turkey and world news

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Borsa İstanbul’s decision to re-apply the increase rule, which was announced last Thursday, came into force yesterday. The step-up rule, known as the “short rule above the stock’s last trading price,” can be applied until the end of the session if the BIST 100 falls 3 percent or more during the day. … Read more

The young woman wanted to be aesthetic, she died!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Seher K., 28, went to the medical center in Yakuplu Mahallesi Osmangazi Kaddesi yesterday morning to have a nose job. Seher K., who was operated on under general anesthesia, could not be awakened despite all subsequent procedures. RELATIVES HAVE A NERVOUS CRISIS Seher K., who was transferred to another nearby hospital, was … Read more

Charles Edwards: Bitcoin rally will continue

SAFAKNA TURKEY – In a post he shared on his official social media account on Feb. 2, Charles Edwards stated that bitcoin’s rise in January was exactly the same as it was in 2021, when China banned bitcoin mining. The analyst pointed to an uptrend at the end of the cycle in 2021, implying that … Read more

Armenia: Let’s provide access thanks to Turkey

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Noting that his country’s exports increased by 77 percent last year, Minister Kerobyan said that a significant part of it is re-exported products. Noting notable achievements, especially in the field of diamond cutting, Kerobyan said, “While our total exports of cut diamonds were $75 million in 2020 and approximately $175 million in … Read more

The Danger of “Lead” in Dark Chocolate and Cocoa

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Pesticides and heavy metal residues in agricultural products threaten human life. When the elements in the incinerated waste are not destroyed by incineration, they enter the soil or product through the air. A similar study was carried out in Turkey last month after studies conducted abroad found lead in some dark chocolates. … Read more

Shareholders, beware!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Shareholders, beware! Those who do not apply within 3 months will lose the right… The General Directorate of Land Cadastre and Cadastre is authorized to keep all records and make transactions related to title deeds in our country. While the rights and powers of persons to immovable property are registered in the … Read more