European press covered ‘electoral success’ extensively – News Details

ANKARA (IGFA) – Almost all broadcasters and newspapers in Europe made headlines with the victory of President Erdogan, who was re-elected according to the preliminary results of the Supreme Electoral Commission (HEC). ENGLISH PRESS: “ERDOGAN AGAIN PROVED THAT IT IS NOT EASY TO COMPETE WITH HIM” The British broadcaster BBC reported that the citizens of … Read more

Relieve pressure on exporters’ currency

In a written statement from SHAFAQNA TURKEY-Aegean Exporters’ Association; It was reported that while Turkey went to the polls, there was a lot of pressure on foreign exchange and access to finance became difficult. Eskinazi said: “Exchange rates, which negatively affect the competitiveness of our exporters, should gradually approach their real values ​​in a way … Read more

Bitcoin at 28k – Last Minute Türkiye and World News

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Bitcoin, which started the new day with a rise, is testing the $28,500 levels, but is currently finding buyers in the $28,100 area. Ethereum also surged over 5% at just above $1,900. The assessment, prepared by Bitay Research Analyst Alper Samet Yorak, includes developments in the crypto money market. After the last … Read more

Benefits of Green Beans – Last Minute Türkiye and World News

SHAFAQNA TURKEY-Broad Bean is known as a name that complements many products today. Legumes occupy a very different place among food groups such as legumes. Beans, which were presented to the god as a gift at religious ceremonies during the Egyptian period, were also considered a food that brought good luck in those times. Centuries … Read more

The Surprising Truth About Migraines!

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – Beginning of admission of patients in the neurological clinic of the Duzce University Hospital, Assoc. Dr. Burcu Polat shared information about migraine, one of the most common neurological diseases in society. Claiming that migraine is a special type of headache resulting from some electrochemical changes in the brain, Assoc. Dr. Burcu Polat … Read more

Spring Allergy Solution!

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – The increase in the amount of pollen with the advent of spring causes allergic reactions. While the allergic reactions complicating this period cause complaints such as itchy nose, discharge from the eyes, redness and constant sneezing, the number of hospitalizations is increasing. Medicana Medical Group, Chest Specialist Dr. Gulfem Yildirim spoke about … Read more

The United States accused Ukraine

U.S. intelligence estimates that the May 3 drone attack on the Kremlin may have been orchestrated by Ukraine as part of its covert operations in Russia. There is still debate about who carried out the failed drone attack on the Kremlin on May 3rd. Speaking to the New York Times, U.S. officials said U.S. intelligence … Read more

Used cars burn pockets; Prices rose by an average of 83% per year.

SHAAFQNA TURKEY – Used cars have become an investment vehicle as the rate of exchange rate appreciation has slowed. While the used car market growth rate has exceeded 80 percent since May last year, the models with the highest value growth have been C-segment sedans under 5-6 years old. While stating that prices will continue … Read more