What are the expectations of the dollar in the free market?

SHAFAQNA TURKEY- The S&P global manufacturing indexes and composite PMIs to be announced in the US are expected to decline from the previous month and remain in the contraction zone below 50. Prior to the announcement of the critical data, the dollar was depreciating against all G-10 currencies in the beginning of the session. More … Read more

Motor insurance premiums have changed

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Compulsory motor third party liability insurance pays damages to the other party in the event of an accident, depending on the misdemeanor rate. Numbers in compulsory traffic insurance; the driver is rated from 1 to 7 according to his traffic accident. Insurance companies cannot exceed marginal prices. Yasar Uysal, lecturer at Istanbul … Read more

Products produced in Ygdir in summer are sold in winter.

SAFAKNA TURKEY – In İgdir, local products are collected and produced in the summer and sold in the winter. Products harvested in the summer in Ygdir, the “Chukurova of the East”, where many agricultural products are grown due to climatic and geographical conditions, contribute to the economy in winter. Jams, marmalades and compotes produced by … Read more

Cryptocurrencies continue moderate growth

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The world economy continues to struggle with the problem of inflation. Inflation in the economies of the US and the EU, which suffered the most, entered a downward trend. Consequently, the elements of equilibrium in the markets have also changed. While gold in ounces was gaining strength, gold in grams reached an … Read more

32,000 Turks smuggled goats from Mexico to the US

Muhammet TASHCHILAR / USA (IGFA) – The number of refugees crossing the Mexican border into the US has broken a record. The share of Turkish citizens in this record was also quite high. According to official data from the US Customs and Border Protection Agency, among those who cross the Mexican border into the US, … Read more

What are the flu symptoms?

ŠAFAKNA TURKEY – Influenza causes transmission when viruses in droplets that are shed when sick people sneeze, cough, and even talk stick to other people’s airways. These viruses are especially at low temperature and humidity… What are the flu symptoms? The article first appeared in Last Minute Turkey and World News. Random Post

How many Turkish liras are traded per gram of gold?

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – On Friday, the price of gold in grams, which lost in value in parallel with the fall in the price of an ounce, closed the day at 1.165 lira, down 0.25 percent. QUARTERLY AND REPUBLICAN PRICES The cost of a gram of gold, starting a new week with a depreciation, as of … Read more

Growing demand for HPV vaccine

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Understanding the importance of early diagnosis and vaccination in the prevention of cervical cancer, prof. Dr. Farooq Bayru said: “The HPV vaccine was developed in 2006. The HPV vaccine is included in the national immunization schedule in many countries. The demand for vaccines has also started to rise,” he said. Specialist in … Read more

Second opportunity for EYT members from Bağ-Kur!

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Expected by millions of citizens debt restructuring package It will be discussed today at a Cabinet meeting. The package includes those who live in retirement (AYT) have items of interest. The restructuring will erase 90 percent of the interest and offer interest-free cash payments and long-term installment payments on preferential terms. According … Read more