Pensioners’ letter to Erdogan! – Last Minute Türkiye and world news

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – In his letter, Ergün emphasized that TÜED is working selflessly to bring the problems of pensioners to the agenda and solve them.

While stating that they were pleased that many of the problems they had raised had been resolved over time, Ergun used the following statements to President Erdogan:

“One of our requirements that we have been keeping on the agenda for many years; Prior to 2000, your SSK Retirement Adjustment Request, holiday bonuses, KEY benefits, free and reduced travel for those aged 65 and over, eligibility for EYT members, your support for retiree homeless housing, your efforts to address our health problems, surcharges, bank queues and We thank you for your banking promotions solutions. However, despite all these sincere efforts, today about 10 million of our pensioners are struggling to survive with the lowest pension payment of 7,500 liras.”

“Retired people no longer have the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle”

Ergün continued his letter, noting that the measures to alleviate the situation of civil servants, civil servants and minimum wage recipients made them very happy:

“However, our pensioners, who buy the same bread in the same market at the same price and are forced to live on 7,500 liras, unfortunately do not have the opportunity to continue their lives in a healthy way. The proposal introduced in the bill, which was discussed in Parliament and provides for a 25 percent increase for pensioners, was met with great disappointment in our community, which has dedicated its life to the reconstruction and construction of this country, which we have defined as a sacred right, paying bonuses for many years.

“Saiyanen, with the increase, the gap between the rest of the segments will narrow”

Emphasizing that millions of pensioners want an additional 25 percent wage increase, Ergun concluded his letter with the following words:

“As pensioners, we demand; making an improvement that will bring some relief to our pensioners, bringing the lowest pension to the level of the minimum wage, and implementing state-protected social security by increasing at least 25 + 4 thousand lira for monthly pensioners above 7 thousand 500 lira. , as I have promised. In this way, the gradually widening gap between other sectors will be closed and a fair bid will be achieved.”

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