Pre-Sport Nutrition Guide I Feel Good 101

  • Protein powder, peanut butter and oats.

Oats contain easily digestible carbohydrates and fiber that will fuel you during your workout. Combining this complex carb with protein and peanut butter will keep you energized throughout your workout.

  • Blueberries, oatmeal and yogurt.

Thanks to the complex carbohydrates it contains, blueberries help maintain high energy levels during sports. Yogurt (always try to choose plain, no additives) provides the body with plenty of protein to prevent muscle breakdown. Oats contain fiber that will keep you feeling full during your workout.

  • A good source of carbohydrates (such as whole grain bread) and 3-4 egg scrambled eggs.

Eggs are an effective and affordable pre-workout food, especially for those who want to increase muscle mass. It supports muscle protein synthesis with the help of the protein it contains and is recommended to be consumed 3-4 hours before training.

  • Low-fat cottage cheese, eggs and apricots.

Cottage cheese contains a slow-digesting protein called casein, which nourishes muscles and promotes muscle growth and repair. By adding a serving of cottage cheese to apricots in your pre-workout diet, as well as eating eggs along with it, you can get a nice combination of protein and simple carbohydrates!

  • Chicken, turkey, meat or fish, rice, pasta, potatoes, whole grains, green leafy vegetables.
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