President Erdogan: We have shown at the highest level that the Turkish states are a single entity – News Details

ANKARA (IGFA) – Speaking at an extraordinary summit of the Organization of Turkic States, President Erdogan expressed his gratitude to Azerbaijani President Can Ilham Aliyev, who called for the summit to be held after the February 6 earthquake in Turkey.

President Erdogan thanked the President of Uzbekistan, President of Uzbekistan Shevket Mirziyoyev and the participants for their efforts to successfully hold the meeting and expressed satisfaction that among them was an observer member from the organization, President of the TRNC Ersin Tatar.

President Erdogan recalled that 31 years ago Ankara hosted the first summit of Turkic-speaking countries, and on this occasion the first seeds of the organization were planted.

“Once again we will show that the Turkic world is a single heart”

Stressing that with today’s summit they will once again demonstrate that the Turkic world is one heart and one body at the highest level, President Erdogan recalled that 11 cities in the south of the country were shocked by a natural disaster, which is a rarity in the world due to its severity and destructiveness, 6 February. While millions of citizens were directly affected, more than 49,000 of us died and more than 115,000 were injured. I express my condolences to our fellow citizens of the Organization of Turkish States and observer countries who died in the earthquake along with our people,” he said.

Declaring that they have mobilized all means to heal the wounds inflicted by this great disaster, President Erdogan said that they have completed search and rescue work, as well as quickly began building permanent residences, carrying out debris removal work and establishing temporary shelters. President Erdogan said: “We plan to build 319,000 houses and a total of 650,000 houses next year and hand them over to the beneficiaries. We hope that, with the support of friendly and fraternal countries, we will quickly put our earthquake-prone zone on its feet.” He said.


Recalling that while Turkey was busy licking the wounds from the earthquake, the same region was flooded, President Erdogan said that floods caused by unprecedented downpours killed many citizens in Sanlıurfa and Adıyaman, and severe damage occurred in settlements.

Noting that in the face of disasters of this magnitude, the available funds are insufficient, President Erdogan said:

“We have also asked for international assistance due to the severity of the earthquakes we experienced on February 6 and the extent of the destruction they caused. The Turkish world was one of the first to rush to help. You did not leave us alone at the most difficult moment with the understanding that “pain is lessened when it is shared.” Your search and rescue teams have brought many of our citizens back to life. You helped in the treatment of our wounded in the field hospitals you created. Our ancestral tents, which you sent, have become a home for our citizens. Our beloved nation will never forget your support. On February 16, the United Nations appealed to Turkey for help. The International Donor Conference will be hosted by the Commission of the European Union and the President of Sweden on 20 March. I have no doubt that you will support this international relief effort.”

Pointing to the need to increase multilateral cooperation in dealing with natural disasters and their consequences, President Erdogan recalled that the organization has taken some steps in this direction and that a ministerial meeting on disaster and emergency management, organized by the Ministry of Interior, was held in Ankara in December.

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