Prices go up again before the holidays! – Last Minute Türkiye and world news

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – For those who will travel during the holiday, increased fares have appeared.

According to news in Habertürk, for example, a bus ride from Istanbul Bus Station to Izmir costs 350 TL on Thursday, April 13, while the ticket price of the same company increases to 500 TL on Friday, April 14, when the festive week begins.

In other words, there is a price change of more than 40 percent for the same bus ticket with an interval of 1 day. As the travel distance increases, the cost of a 1-day hike doubles.

For example, a bus ride from Istanbul Bus Station to Bodrum on Thursday, April 13, costs 450 Turkish liras, and on April 14, this ticket increases by 66 percent, and the ticket price increases to 750 Turkish liras. It should be noted that these prices and 1 day price changes are similar in most companies.


For example, the cost of an airline trip between Istanbul Airport and Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport on April 13 at noon is 1163 Turkish Lira. The ticket price of the same company on the same route on April 14 at the same time is about 1163 TL, which will be exactly the same as on April 13.

Although the prices of this company during the holiday week on the same route rise to 1600 Turkish liras, it can be seen that the rate of increase is lower than the rate of bus tickets.

On the other hand, when another airline is preferred for a flight from Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Izmir, the ticket price on April 13 is about 1.24 TL. April 14 the same trip costs 1400 Turkish lira. In other words, it is implied that this ticket has increased by 40% in 1 day.

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