Products produced in Ygdir in summer are sold in winter.

SAFAKNA TURKEY – In İgdir, local products are collected and produced in the summer and sold in the winter.

Products harvested in the summer in Ygdir, the “Chukurova of the East”, where many agricultural products are grown due to climatic and geographical conditions, contribute to the economy in winter. Jams, marmalades and compotes produced by the Igdir women’s entrepreneurial cooperative in summer are offered to customers in various outlets in winter. Products such as wild rose, thyme and mountain tea, grown in the mountains in summer, are also offered for sale in winter. With these products, the women’s cooperative not only contributes to its own household, but also supplies organic products to citizens. In addition, cooperatives produce pickles, dumplings, pancakes, etc., which they make in their own outlets. He offers meals to customers. While the products they produce for breakfast are included in the price, mountain tea and rose hips are also included in the hot drinks.

Sevda Chakmak, president of the Ygdyr Women’s Entrepreneurial Cooperative, said all her products are natural; “Our products are Ygdir natural products. As you know, Igdir is a city with a lot of fruits and vegetables. For this reason, we manufacture all products and now sell them at our point of sale during the winter. Our women collected our plants in the Tuzluka mountains and brought them to us. Here we sell them. We have jams, compotes, marmalades. We have rose hips, and we also have pickles that we make ourselves. Everything you see is natural products of our own production. Our customers who have already come here see and try our products. More often we give them what they want, they taste it. We also make pancakes and ravioli here. As an accompaniment, we offer our own homemade pickles. We serve our own rosehip tea. Thus, customers not only try our products, but also try to buy them.”

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