prof. Dr. Janan Karatay explained: If taken every morning, it replaces the medicine!

SHAFAQNA TURKEY. Foods consumed for breakfast are of great importance for our health. Experts say that it is necessary to pay attention to the products used for breakfast. Making interesting statements about healthy eating, Prof. Dr. Janan Karatay explained that this is a food that should be consumed every morning and that gives successful results in preventing dangerous diseases.

The food we eat plays a crucial role in our health. In the daily diet, you need to add foods that help prevent many diseases. Specialist in internal medicine and cardiology prof. Janan Karatay spoke about the benefits of eating as a substitute for drugs, highlighting that drugs affect the body in different ways, warning those who use drugs for certain diseases and that if used frequently, they can cause other diseases.


Speaking about the benefits of Ezin cheese, Canan Karatay stated that cheese should be consumed every day. “Ezin cheese is the healthiest white cheese made with Shirden yeast. Ezine Cheese is the healthiest cheese that is made with full fat, full rock salt and naturally fermented for 6 months. You can eat as much as you want. I say palm up. Why do I say “the palm of your hand”? Because I’m the man who declared war on the matchbox. They left Turkey and the Turkish people without food because they said they had to eat as much cheese as a matchbox.”


Janan Karatay said: “It is the healthiest protein, the healthiest fat and the healthiest source of calcium. In a country where cheese is eaten, people who eat cheese do not suffer from osteoporosis (bone loss). Women in Turkey have been given hormones and drugs for years because they have osteoporosis. Here, sir, this cheese replaces them all. Ladies and gentlemen, eat plenty to prevent osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is osteoporosis. To prevent osteoporosis, knee and joint pain, you can prevent it by eating a lot of cheese.” used phrases.


Ezine cheese perfectly satisfies the body’s protein needs due to its high protein content.

It naturally provides the body with energy.

Ezine cheese plays a role in the development of intelligence, as it is a source of amino acids.

Ezine cheese contributes to the balance of cholesterol in the body because it does not contain trans fatty acids, as it has low cholesterol levels.

Ezin goat cheese, very rich in vitamin A, has a regulating effect on the immune system when consumed regularly.

Varieties of Ezine cheese strengthen hair and minimize hair loss.

Ezine cheese, which promotes the development of children, also promotes healthy bones and teeth.

By strengthening memory, it prevents diseases such as memory loss or Alzheimer’s that may occur in the future.


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