Profitable company for 1.28 billion dollars!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a falling Terra USD (UST) currency. Terraform Laboratories and founder Do KwonClaims filed against. Prosecutors looking into the company’s past records found that Terra Making a $1.28 billion profit before its $40 billion ecosystem collapsed. realized that he was a trading partner.

According to sources familiar with the subject $1.28 billion a profitable company with deep roots in traditional finance that has become a digital asset giant Go Crypto was his company. These claims are yet to be confirmed. Although reports suggest that the “unidentified company” will be forced to withdraw from FDI in 2021. $1 remains stable that he helped, and in return Kwon “with discount” MOON showed what he did.

According to SEC reports, this stock company will help keep the price of UST at $1 in May 2021. only 62 million dollars spent. On the other hand, thanks to the terms of the agreement with Kwon, the tokens he bought at a discount $1.28 billion profit achieved.

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