Put the bow in your ears and wait!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Recently, more and more attention began to attract alternative methods of treatment.

Do you have persistent cough problems? Are the syrups you buy at the pharmacy not working? What you need is onion juice! Yes, your breath may not smell very pleasant, but if you can suppress this smell with chewing gum and toothpaste, then onion juice is the only miracle that will clear the cough from the body in a short time.

The wonders of onions that no one has mentioned before have been shared one by one. You will be very, very surprised when you find out this information, it will make your work easier.

Your fever won’t subside and you’re resisting this cruel candle treatment? Then you need to put out the fire with a bow. Don’t be afraid, you won’t be using onions to soak up moisture, putting onion slices in your socks so that they touch the soles of your feet will bring down your temperature miraculously!

Isn’t your cold going away? It’s time to throw yourself an onion party. Boil chopped onion in tea and drink it along with salted onion rings. Hit it, you will definitely feel better when you wake up.

The ear is a critical organ for the body. An organ that provides almost all of our balance. When harm comes to him, it becomes a big problem. He knows the pain of such conditions as buzzing, ringing and earache. In this case, you need to cut the onion in half and insert it into your ears like a cork. In a few hours, onions will cure the disease in an amazing way!

It is known that people need to cry at certain intervals. It is necessary for both eye health and emotional accumulation. In fact, you may be surprised to see yourself crying for no reason at ridiculous moments. All this from savings. When an onion is cut, it makes you cry with its crying function when you feel bad. We’re not kidding, this is the recommended method of discharging.

It is well known that some plants heal injuries in the human body very quickly. Among them, Aloe Vera is one of the most effective. However, you can not find Aloe Vera in every home, not in every market, and Aloe Vera is not a cheap plant. But an analogue of this plant may already be in your home! The membranes on the inner wall of the bulb have almost the same properties as aloe vera! In your wounds, in your answers, remove these bones, put them in a problematic place and witness a miracle!

If the wound on your body is infected, if you need something to save you before you get to the hospital, with some support, onions can be your cure. Boil milk on a slice of bread and pour it out, rub an onion on top and press it against the infected wound. Do not stop contact of this mixture with the infected area within 2 hours. After 2 hours, this mixture can remove the infection from the body.

We usually find a remedy for sunburn in our country by applying yogurt. But the real cure is in the bow. Place the onion slices on the burns and make sure the burn has absorbed the onion juice. You can get healed by putting egg white on it.

In our country, many crazy treatments are recommended, from rubbing with manure to spitting out when a bee stings, but onions remain the main treatment. Moreover, this is a very effective method not only for bee stings, but also for mosquito bites. No, you can’t plant onions. On summer days in your home, cut the onion right and left and set aside. Bees and mosquitoes do not come to places where onions are located. You will have protection before you sting the bee!

As you can see, onions have many benefits. Share this information you learned about onions with your friends. Thus, they learn about this unknown healing bow.

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