Putin: The adventurous West is to blame for the imbalance in the global food market

Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the opening ceremony of a turkey breeding center in the Tyumen region of Russia via videoconference.

In his speech, Putin said that especially Western countries are putting pressure on Russia in the field of agricultural production: “We have repeatedly stressed that we need to create our own production reserves both in livestock and poultry. The situation that has developed today in the context of sanctions pressure and global food problems is known to everyone. Therefore, we urgently need to fulfill these responsibilities. We also know that even before the imposition of sanctions, some states and companies aggressively used the market to monopolize. Given our land and other resources, the potential for further development of the industry is enormous. To realize this potential, it is imperative for us to strengthen our position in such a sensitive area as the seed and crop fund in order to ensure concrete progress and maximum independence.”

“The adventurous West is to blame for the imbalance in the global food market”

Stating that there is an imbalance in the world food market and that the West is responsible for this imbalance, Putin said: “We meet our needs and are among the world’s leading producers. Without exaggeration, we are helping and will continue to help countries experiencing food shortages due to disproportions created by the adventurous and unprofessional policies of some Western countries.

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