Queen in an orphanage in Togo!

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – Abide Gülel, who is also a member of KOREV (Association of Adoptive Families), visited the Olki Kindergarten and Orphanage in the capital Lomé.

Gülel, who distributed toys she brought from Turkey to the children, spent a lot of time with them.

Gülel, whose name means “queen” in Togo, was welcomed by the children like a queen.

Gülel, a businessman and sportsman with a master’s degree in energy law from Scotland and a doctorate in international leadership from France, promised to prepare a project for the children of Togo and Africa, the budget of which will be fully covered, while receiving information about the situation of the child population from the authorities.

Meanwhile, Abide Gülel, who started the rally with street racing in Finland, continues her business life without slowing down.

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