Ramadan Circular to 81 Provincial Health Departments

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – A circular prepared by the Ministry of Health on measures to be taken to avoid disruption of medical services during the Ramadan holiday was sent to the health departments of 81 provinces. While the circular contains detailed instructions and reminders of the services to be continued during the days of administrative leave, it was pointed out that it was necessary to develop a provision whose quality and capacity were consistent with the possible increase in the workload in the emergency services. both public hospitals and private hospitals. It was also stated that during the Eid al-Adha holiday, all emergency services are required to meet and receive all cases, ambulances or other means brought by the applicant, as well as to carry out the necessary medical and surgical interventions in a timely and efficient manner.


The circular emphasized the following points in order to provide a seamless and attentive medical service without causing patient dissatisfaction:

“It is imperative that emergency medical care and referral and transfer procedures for patients be provided through the 112 Command and Control Center in coordination with the Command and Control Center of the Chief Physician of the Provincial Ambulance Service. For this reason, the data in the Emergency Medical Services Call Recording and Operations Management System should be kept up-to-date by the relevant health facility managers. The necessary organizational measures must be taken in advance so as not to cause disruptions in the work of emergency services for referral of patients and ambulances. Hospital emergency services, laboratories, imaging and other diagnostic and treatment departments, and all clinics where patients are hospitalized, must have sufficient manpower, medical equipment, necessary supplies, drugs, serum, and similar service items. Necessary planning and organization must be made in order to strengthen all these service elements if necessary, and the responsible and relevant persons must be notified in advance. Medical laboratories in healthcare facilities, ultrasound-MR-tomography-X-ray, etc. In health care facilities where service is required at any time of the day, such as radiography departments and hospitals, duty should be planned based on round-the-clock continuity of duty, and the necessary measures should be brought to the attention of the responsible persons in advance.


It was noted that interruptions in the provision of radiotherapy can adversely affect patient care processes, and that radiotherapy services provided in healthcare facilities with a radiotherapy center should be continued during holidays in accordance with planned treatment protocols and should not lead to victimization patients. In the circular, “Services should not be interrupted in units where dialysis services are provided, and treatment of patients in need should continue in accordance with the treatment plan. The relevant provincial health departments and relevant authorities are required to provide special services such as replantation, heart surgery, burns, and organ transplantation, as well as provide prompt access to and provide emergency medical services and treatment when necessary. provide timely and effective care to patients in need Necessary equipment and service planning should be established in advance by the management of the medical institution, and responsible persons should be notified.

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