Regulation of the “risk” of bank loans! – Last Minute Türkiye and world news

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – The standards of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, of which Turkey is a member, have defined new methods for calculating the amount of risk that must be taken into account when calculating credit limits. According to a draft regulation prepared by the Agency for Banking Regulation and Supervision (BDKK) by reviewing the current legislation on the definition of risk groups and planned to come into force at the beginning of the year, partnerships in which a person is a member of the board of directors or the general director, together with a spouse and children, constitute a group risk.

It will also be considered a risk factor that 50 percent or more of the annual income or expenses of a client wishing to receive a bank loan arise from transactions made with the same person who fully or partially guarantees debts to one party and the sale of a significant amount of goods or services rendered to the same party. It will also be seen in risky economic dependency that the sources of income and the funds that customers will use to pay off their debts to the bank are the same, and that the financial difficulties of one of the two parties in a business relationship with each other are at a level that may prevent another from fulfilling its obligations in a timely manner and in full.


The analysis will be mandatory for individuals and legal entities whose risk, calculated as a result of the assessment, exceeds 5 percent of the bank’s equity capital. The amount of risk of loans that can be granted by the bank to a person, company or risk group should not exceed 25 percent of the bank’s equity capital and own funds.

BRSA will be able to set limits on loans issued by “systemically important” banks to other banks at the same level. Loans granted to an individual, company or risk group in the amount of 10 percent or more of the bank’s capital will be considered “large loans” and their total amount cannot exceed 8 times the equity capital.

In case of exceeding credit limits, banks inform BRSA as soon as possible about the reasons for this and the planned measures to correct the situation. However, in the event of general fluctuations in the financial markets, market overspending will not be considered a breach of boundaries in order to ensure stability in the interbank money market.

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